How Qade Helps Clients Maximize Recovery Rates

Guy Benhanan
February 16, 2023

Qade is a company that helps businesses get back money from debtors. The company's experts and technology help clients find and get back lost money, which increases profits and makes things easier for clients. The recovery rate is the amount recovered compared to the total amount of lost money. This article explains why recovery rates are important and how Qade can help maximize them.

What Are Recovery Rates?

Recovery rates are a metric used to measure the percentage of lost revenue that is recovered. For example, if a business loses $100,000 in revenue due to chargebacks and is able to recover $80,000, its recovery rate would be 80%. Recovery rates are an important metric as they reflect a business's ability to recover lost revenue and minimize losses. The higher the recovery rate, the better the business's financial performance.

Challenges In Maximizing Recovery Rates

It can be hard for businesses to get money back that they have lost to debtors. This is because there are many reasons why this could happen, such as not having enough help or not knowing why the money was lost in the first place.

For example, chargebacks can be caused by things like fraud, bad customer service, or technical problems. It can be hard to know why chargebacks happen, especially for businesses that don't have a lot of resources or experts.

Our Way On Maximizing Recovery Rates

Customer-Focused Operations

Qade's experts have years of experience in the debt recovery industry and understand the complexities of recovering lost revenue. They work closely with clients to better understand their customers and help them develop strategies for successful recoveries.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority in operations where payments are involved. With the advent of smartphones and applications, collection agencies need to start taking advantage of app-based payment options along with web-based ones.

Self-service portals such as online payments, automated phone calls and even specially designed apps can enable secure yet convenient collections for debtors. My research has revealed that providing an easier way to make payments often leads to improved debtor cooperation when it comes to working out a repayment schedule.

From our experience, the most convenient and secure ways to accept payments is through online platforms like PayPal or Square. With these tools, you can easily send invoices and receive payment without relying on third-party merchant credit card services which often incur hefty fees and strict restrictions. What's more? More companies are now utilizing automated settlement portals so debtors can make offers to settle debts or schedule payments with minimal manual effort.

Up-To-Date Communications

It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest communications technologies, particularly when it comes to debt collection. Automating our process is not just cost-effective but helps us ensure steady results as well. This has been a major stepping stone for us in terms of saving time and money while still generating positive outcomes from collections efforts.

Automating our communication channels has sped up payments, settlements and reminders through the use of texts or emails; it has also boosted our customer satisfaction. Since many people tend to neglect calls from phone numbers they are unfamiliar with, as well as low usage of fax machines, we continually use more creative and effective methods other than the conventional forms of communication that obtain minimal results.

Applied Analytics

By leveraging analytics in our debt collection procedures, we prevent bad debts and problematic collections. Analytics allow us to analyze a customer's receivables rapidly, whether they are due on a monthly basis or require payment when the invoice is received. Utilizing analytics also gives us insight into cash flow and risk management that would otherwise be time consuming to collect manually.

Once we have an understanding of our customer's accounts receivables patterns, we can protect them from potential risks and problems by using analytics to monitor payments, alerting you in the event of a delay or consistent tardiness so that any issues may be prevented before they arise. This ensure that debt collection strategies are more effective and efficient with an uninterrupted cash flow. In this way, the analytics provide protection against bad debt for your organization.

Centralized Debt Collection System

To save big on your debt collecting costs, one of the best solutions we bring to the table is to set up a centralized system. This program enables all debt collection staff members to observe the same accounts in a single database. It effectively runs dialers and instructs collectors when it's time for them to work or assess accounts, as well as notify you quickly if something goes wrong. Establishing this kind of technology can make all the difference for an efficient and successful operation.

When configured and properly maintained, a centralized system that is easy to navigate with all pertinent information on any receivable available at the fingertips of account managers will enable companies to save costs and reduce time spent on accounts.

Examples of successful recoveries and improved recovery rates with Qade's help:

Qade has been successful in helping clients get more money back. For example, there was a client who was losing money because people were taking back what they had paid for.

Qade's experts looked at the client's transaction data and found a pattern of fraudulent chargebacks. Qade then made a plan that included implementing fraud detection measures and disputing fraudulent chargebacks. Because of Qade's efforts, the client was able to get back 85% of the lost revenue, which is a big improvement.

Qade's Benefits for Clients

Qade helps clients in many ways. We help them get more money back and make more money. This is because we help them find money they lost and didn't know about.

Qade helps clients by finding and getting back money that was lost. This way, the client does not have to do as much work and can focus on other parts of their business.

Qade also provides its clients with access to things that would be difficult for the clients to develop themselves. This includes a team of experts with years of experience in revenue recovery, as well as the latest tools and technologies. By working with Qade, clients can get all of these benefits without having to invest in developing them on their own.


Recovery rates are important because they show how much money a business gets back from people who did not pay. Getting back as much money as possible can be hard for businesses because there are many reasons why people might not pay.