The Best Debt Collection Agency Services of 2023

Guy Benhanan
May 12, 2023

The main goal of a business should be to help its customers, rather than pursuing them for late payments.

Debt collection agency services offer a comprehensive answer to the problem of recovering overdue money while also improving your cash flow. But here’s the thing, finding the best and right debt collection agency to for your business might be difficult with more than 4,000 collection agencies in the U.S.

In order to simplify your research process for best debt collection agencies, we have analyzed more than 40 collecting agencies thoroughly. We examined best collection agencies for their rates, their debt collection practices and methods, and debt recovery success. As a result, we have selected 7 debt collection agencies as our top choices.

Read on to find out more about our top picks as the best collection agency services and what they offer.

Qade Collections

Qade Collections is the leading debt collection agency that has been recognized as the Best Debt Collection Agency of 2023 by Expertise and Quicksprout. They offer a worry-free debt collection service where clients only pay for results, making them a simple and fast solution for debt recovery.

Qade Collection works with a variety of industries, including heavy machinery leasing, insurance, trucking, e-commerce businesses, marketing/advertising agencies, waste management, wholesalers, and software companies. They also extend their services to any professional business.

The agency operates nationwide, providing professional debt collection solutions across all 50 states. They have earned a reputation for providing 5-star debt collection services, as evidenced by their satisfied clients. Testimonials from clients highlight Qade Collections' professionalism, efficiency, and high success rate in recovering past due accounts.

Other key highlights on Qade Collections:

  • AI Collection Scoring and Collection Model
  • Lowest Contingency Fee for Litigation guaranteed
  • Account Representative Provided to Client
  • Customer Portal

Qade Collection has been successful in helping businesses recover significant amounts of money. For instance, they helped one small business recover $50k, collected all outstanding invoices totaling $45,000 for another client within just three months, and assisted another small business owners in collecting over $100k without charging extra for litigation.

In addition to their collection services, Qade Collections also maintains a blog where they share the latest information on the debt collection process, providing valuable resources for small businesses looking to stay ahead in the debt collection game.

In summary, Qade Collections stands out as the best collection agency of 2023 due to their effective and efficient debt collection services, wide range of industry expertise, nationwide coverage, high client satisfaction, and commitment to data security.

American Profit Recovery

American Profit Recovery is a debt collection agency that takes a unique approach to their work, emphasizing respect and dignity in their interactions with clients. They aim to improve cash flow for their clients by using diplomatic and tactful strategies to communicate with customers.

Their services are tailored to a wide range of industries, including lawn care/landscaping, financial institutions, medical & healthcare, dental, veterinarians, schools, B2B/commercial, fuel/gas distributors, funeral homes, professional services, small business debt collection, accounts receivables, chiropractors, restoration companies, and other industries.

The agency recognizes that hiring a commercial debt collection agency can be a significant step for any size business, so they strive to provide a cost-effective service that maximizes return on investment. They offer a low-cost debt collections system that they claim drives impressive results through diplomacy.

The company operates from two offices, one in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and another in Franklin, Massachusetts. They do not provide language translation services. They have an overall rating of 4.9 based on 1,172 reviews, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.

Premier Collection Services, LLC

Premier Collection Services, LLC is a debt collection agency that aims to alleviate the stress of businesses by handling their delinquent accounts. They understand the challenges of collecting money from delinquent accounts and offer their professional services to manage these accounts, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

The agency maintains a positive and professional attitude while working with customers, treating them with respect and dignity. They view themselves as an extension of their clients' companies, ensuring that their clients' customers are treated with the utmost respect.

Premier Collection Services provides a full range of services to assist businesses at any stage of the debt recovery process. Their services include:

  • Pre-collection service: This service is likely designed to help businesses manage accounts that are just beginning to show signs of delinquency.
  • Debtor locating service: This service helps businesses locate debtors who may have become difficult to contact.
  • Credit reporting: This service likely involves both credit monitoring and reporting delinquent accounts to credit bureaus, which can incentivize debtors to pay in order to avoid damaging their credit scores.
  • Legal representation: This service provides businesses with legal support in cases where debt recovery efforts must be escalated to the legal system.

Testimonials from clients highlight the agency's resourcefulness, professionalism, and knowledge of the laws. Clients appreciate their timely resolution of accounts and their dedication to looking out for their clients' best interests.

Keystone Collections Group

Keystone Collections Group is a Pennsylvania-based tax collection agency that has been providing efficient and user-friendly tax collection services for over 35 years. They serve over 900 school districts and municipalities throughout Pennsylvania.

Keystone's primary goal is to make tax collection efficient and easy. They offer online services that are designed to be user-friendly, and they provide responsive customer support to assist taxpayers and public officials. For individuals, they provide the ability to pay or file taxes online, access to necessary forms, and a FAQ section to answer common questions.

Businesses can also pay or file taxes online, manage payroll withholding, access electronic file specifications, and find necessary forms. They also provide a FAQ section to answer common business-related tax questions. For school districts and municipalities, Keystone offers services that include KeyTRAC reporting and delinquent recovery.

Keystone also provides a tax certification form for those buying or refinancing a property. This form is used to disclose any paid or unpaid real estate taxes, utilities, or municipal fees.

Northstar Location Services, LLC

Northstar Location Services, LLC is a full-service debt collection agency with more than 50 years of experience in this industry. They provide comprehensive services, support, and performance to their clients, focusing on delivering unparalleled service. The company offers online account access to its clients, allowing them to view their account information 24 hours a day. With this feature, clients can view their account balance, make payments, and set up future payments.

Northstar is also working on additional features for registered users, such as the ability to view account documents, send and receive secure messages about their accounts, sign up for email and text message alerts, and update their contact information.

FirstPoint Resources

FirstPoint Collection Resources is a company that specializes in accounts receivable management and customer call center management services. They have been in the industry for over 60 years and have built a reputation for providing best-in-class service designed to maximize collections, increase cash flow, and retain customers.

Bad debt collections, flexible patient finance plans, early delinquency programs, extended business office services, and call center administration are among the services they provide. They aim to reduce accounts receivable days and bad debt, preserve customer relationships, and improve staff efficiency. They also offer the option to outsource customer call center services.

FirstPoint Collection Resources is licensed nationwide and operates based on concrete principles. They balance a superior recovery rate while maintaining their customers' reputation and image. They are committed to providing a high level of solutions with a focus on compliance, integrity, innovation, and a stellar customer experience.

FirstPoint Collection Resources is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, with a management resources office in Raleigh, North Carolina. They provide contact information for both locations on their website. They also offer a client online portal, a payment and a link to the NMLS Consumer Access Registry.

PSI Collect

Prestige Services, Inc (PSI) is a professional collection agency that specializes in the collection of commercial accounts both nationwide and internationally. They have been in commercial collections business for over 27 years and are fully licensed and bonded.

PSI operates on a "no collection, no fee" basis, which means they only get paid if they successfully collect the outstanding debt due on an account. This encourages them to work hard for their clients. They have been ranked as the best B2B commercial collection agency in the U.S. by and for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

PSI emphasizes that they offer a unique accounts receivable management service that caters to B2B customers. They pride themselves on their professionalism and diplomacy, understanding that collecting money involves extensive knowledge of the commercial collection industry and the ability to persuade debtors to pay.

How Do Debt Collection Agencies Work?

Collections services aim to collect the payment of late debt from borrowers for their own purposes. In some cases debt collections agencies try to help a person pay back debt through a telephone call, debt collection letter, mail, or other communication method.

If a consumer is not responding, an attorney may take steps to collect debt, including bringing a civil lawsuit and garnishing the debtors' salary. The agency collects the payments from the customer and provides them to the creditors. In some cases debt collectors can negotiate payments to pay for their debts.

How to Find The Best Collection Agency For You

When you're searching for a collection agency, it's important to consider their fee structure, how they operate, their success rate in collecting debt, their experience, and their focus areas.

Fee Structure

Before you settle on a collection agency, it's crucial to understand their fee structure. Fixed costs and contingent fees are the two primary types of fees. Fixed fee collections are paid regardless of the outcome, while contingency fees are a percentage of the recovered money, and contingency fees typically range between 7% and 50%.

The advantage of fixed-fee agreements is that clients aren't required to pay more for larger collection amounts, allowing them to receive all the recovered money. However, the downside of contingency fee, is that clients might end up paying for a service that doesn't recover any money. Fixed contingency fee for collections are often associated with claims that are easier to collect.

Contingency-fee agreements are beneficial for debt collected, because clients only pay if money is recovered. However, another downside of contingency fees is that clients might end up giving away a significant portion of the recovered money. It's ideal to find a high-quality debt collection agency that charges lower contingency fees.

Success Rate and Experience

Look for a successful rate for collecting agents especially in cases of fixed charges. Solid collection rate is over 65%. For contingencies payment, these costs are lesser since it is not worth losing except for time spent hiring the agencies.

Ensure the debt collection agency's success rates are not listed and see also their experience information. Many companies advertise how long they collected their debt and what experience the debt collection agency has gained. In the world of the automotive business there are many benefits to experience.


It's essential to choose a collection agency that operates ethically. When a company hires a collection agency, it aims to recover the outstanding debt, without damaging its relationship with the debtor. If an other collection agency uses harassment or threats, it's likely to damage your relationship with the debtor and harm your business reputation. Unethical collection agencies are often less successful than their ethical counterparts.

Look for a collection agency that treats debtors with respect and dignity. This approach not only increases the likelihood of debt recovery but also maintains the possibility of future business with the debtor.


Lastly, consider the agency's specialization. Some agencies focus on specific areas like B2C, B2B, national, global, or industry-specific businesses. While specialized agencies may charge higher fees, their expertise could make it worthwhile.

Some agencies focus on larger claims and require a minimum amount to work with them. Make sure to research an agency's website and contact their support team if you have any questions.

What Sets a Debt Buyer Apart from a Debt Collection Agency?

The debtor retains the right to the debts that were collected by the collection agency. You just hire an attorney and he will act for you for your recovery of your debts. In contrast, debt buyers are firms that purchase a customer's debt. After your sale, it is no longer accessible or managed by any user or entity.

During this phase of negotiations, debt buyers are using their own methods, including negotiation or even litigation. Involvement in debt collection agencies is important because of its ability to pay off your credit cards quickly and efficiently. And, with a professional company handling your transaction it can be done quickly and efficiently to recover your outstanding debt, and retain your customer base.

The Best Debt Collection Agency in Summary

In summary, the ideal collection agency to partner with is largely dependent on your specific requirements. We encourage you to delve into our detailed reviews to gain a better understanding of each collection agency services themselves.

With some effort, you can identify an agency that offers a suitable fee structure and has expertise in recovering debts similar to yours.

FirstPoint Collection is the top-rated agency for managing accounts receivable and customer call center services. PSI Collect is renowned for handling commercial accounts both domestically and internationally, while Northstar Location Services, LLC excels in comprehensive receivable debt collection.

Qade Collections has emerged as the leading commercial debt collection agency, having been named the best commercial debt collection agency of 2023 by Expertise and Quicksprout. They provide a hassle-free debt collection service where clients are charged only for successful recoveries, making them a straightforward and quick solution for debt recovery.

For companies aiming to enhance their cash flow, an agency like American Profit Recovery could be a viable option. Premier Collection Services, LLC is the go-to agency for billing and collection, and Keystone Collections Group is the preferred choice for tax collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth using a debt collection agency?

Benefits of relying primarily on a debt recovery and settlement company Debt recovery is a quick way to recover money. If debt collection agents are courteous professionals, they can hold your consumer back, but this will not occur when you pursue a legal proceeding.

How do I choose a debt collection agency?

Recommendations is an important method for finding reputable credit collection agencies. Don't look just at customers' review sites. Have a conversation with someone that's used it for years. This gives you time for questions and to see which company is appropriate for your requirements.

What is the success rate of debt collection agency?

Statistically speaking, the average successful rates for debt collection services are around 20-30% for Americans. For every 100 outstanding debts, a debt collector can recover about 20-30 dollars in an average year.